EGO-ERP is a flexibly adjustable ERP system. It supports the company's workflow, with optimising base modules, and integration features.

The system uses a central relation-based database; all accesses can be regulated with authorisation levels.

EGO-ERP uses separate data verification (checking access rights both at client and server sites), it provides excellent data protection.

1. Administration module

·          User registration

·          Access handling

·          System-logs

2. HR management module

·          Handling of leaves

·          Handling CVs and generating them based on information uploaded

·          Registering working hours

·          Managing meetings, and booking for offices/courtroom with Google Calendar integration

3. Project module

·          Register for Projects and tasks

4. Contract module

·          Register for contracts, and completion certificates

·          Register for invoices

·          Notification for due dates

5. Inventory and record module

·          Software registry

·          Inventory of assets

·          Vehicle register

·          Notification for due dates

6. Reporting module

·          Project budget report

·          Workload report

·          Monthly budget report

7. CMS

8. Corporate BLOG